The following is just a sample of responses from our clients:

"5 star service!"
-- D.B. Florek

"Excellent & attentive! Thanks for getting us back online and for working in the early morning hours."
-- Malcolm Lindsay

"I'll definitely call again, you're the best!"
-- Emily R.

"Thanks to Storm for the quality service and FAST turn-around repairing my iPhone!"
-- Nikki Horne

"Storm has always been there for me when needed, his service is quick, reliable and done properly!"
-- S. Masters

"Know how grateful I am for your skills. It is most comforting to me to know that SHOULD I have future problems, you are there for me."
-- Bev Scott

"Never a problem that Storm hasn't been able to solve. Quick, professional and worth every cent."
-- Danny M.

"While on a road trip across the country, our pleasant stay in Wisconsin turned into a not so pleasant experience. My computer didn't turn on, dead, no sound, no video. And of course, no recent backup of my irreplaceable data. A frantic web search for help led us to macclinic. Storm promptly answered our questions and calmed our fears. Within a few short hours my computer was good as new with all data recovered and a current backup on a thumb drive. Marvelous! Thanks again Storm."
-- Mr and Mrs Fraiser

"It's a good feeling to know that honest, professional workmanship is alive and well. Storm (macclinic) saved my bacon, not to mention my sanity, on numerous occasions. I now have him on retainer"
-- Mr. Kolachek

"Wunderbar, Storm, wunderbar!"
-- Monika

"Thank you, Storm, for taking such good care of my computer"
-- Susan T.

"Storm, your work is outstanding, your pricing is unbeatable, and your service is top-notch! Thanks!"
-- Jimmy C

"Thank you so much for your patience, help & generosity over the past decade and more."
-- Tom Rudolph

"Thanks for always being there!"
-- Katharine M. Cook

"Received your invoice today. Thank you for the special price. I had no idea that there was an after hours fee. You came after hours and stayed late. I will call you again and be sure to recommend you."
-- Karen Horwitz

"Storm North has provided excellent service and advice for all my computer and technical requirements. He is knowledgeable, resourceful and great to work with. I would highly recommend his services."
-- Ann Barrett

"It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Storm North and macclinic®. I have known and worked with Storm over the past several years and all of my interactions have been extremely positive.

Storm is very knowledgeable about Mac Computers and always very helpful. He has been able to identify any problems that I have encountered and rectify the issues. His work has been exemplary and very, very cost effective.

In business, it is important to develop a level of trust and respect. I certainly have that with Storm and feel that he is one of the tops in his field. He is extremely honest and does not over charge for his service. He makes a promise and delivers. I would never think of taking one of my Macs to any other service provider."
-- Doctor Wojciehoski

"macclinic® offers a high level of professional service. I've used macclinic® since its first appearance in Central Wisconsin. macclinic® has kept me and my computers functioning at maximum effort. The response to my problems has always been prompt. There has never been a problem or situation that macclinic® could not solve. All this expert help is only a phone call away."
-- Grace Skibicki

"Storm, how interesting to see all the comments on your fine service - and I experience the same in a superlative degree. I also recognize how generous you have been to me and to us here at St. Joseph's. God bless you."
-- Father Rudolph

"Thanks for including us in your virus alert e-mail warning. I appreciate your efforts to warn us. I think your warning is a great service to customers. Special thanks for all the help you've given me. Have a great day!"
-- Deb Pierce-Johnson

"Since January of 1999, my husband and I have had an iMac, and thanks To Storm North, we have had an extremely excellent experience with it. Storm not only installed the computer, printer and scanner, but showed us how to use everything. He is always polite and professional, and extremely patient. I have recommended his service to friends without hesitation and when we are ready to upgrade, we will definitely buy our new computer from macclinic®"
-- Elinor and Roberto Assardo

"macclinic® has always been a positive part of my Macintosh experience. I have relied on macclinic® since they started in business. Storm has fixed my computers, given me sound buying advice on Macintosh hardware and software. I trust his judgement completely"
-- Jerry Brezinski

"I have taken my computers to macclinic® for the past two years for needed repairs. They have always been very honest with me about the locating and fixing the problem and has the computer ready at the stated time."
-- Susan Gingrasso


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